Royal Palm Persian & Western Grill offers authentic Western & Persian/ Middle Eastern cuisines, all of which are crowd-pleasers and family-friendly dining options.

Perfect restaurant to host special occasions with your friends and loved ones where we bring you the perfect secret marinade for the most delicious grill in town.

Persian Restaurant in Singapore

Royalpalm VHB is more than just a Persian restaurant – it’s an unforgettable experience that will have you coming back for more. From our hospitable staff to our mouth-watering cuisine, we make sure you’ll never leave feeling disappointed. Enjoy a hotel dining experience at Royal Palm Meat & Dine for mouth-watering Persian cuisine for lunch and dinner – perfect with friends and family. Savour tender lamb kubideh, shandiz kebab, jujeh kebab, mixed charcoal grill platter with fragrant traditional spices, beef lari kebab, shish chicken kebab and zaffron tea (Singapore’s first!). Indulge in our treats of crispy baklava and kunefe. It is one of the finest Persian Restaurant in Singapore. Diners will enjoy freeflow sparkling water and mineral water.


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Charcoal Grilled

Persian restaurant
Persian restaurant in singapore